Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Career Fair? We don't need no stinking career fair!

Just kidding, I spent a good portion of my day at a career fair for US Veterans looking for jobs. It was pretty good overall, but perhaps not too exciting. They did not have a great deal of companies there, perhaps 15 to 20 total. Of course some of those were not really exciting stuff so I steared clear. Some interesting job opportunities though were offered by M/A-Com (Tyco Electronics subsidiary), Glaxo Smith Kline, amongst others. Truth tell, I also checked out Harris Teeter. I never really saw myself going into retail like that, but truth tell they seem to treat their employees well, and it might be a great opportunity to work in a fun and growing company. We'll have to see more about that next week.

The people at the trade fair that I wasn't particularily impressed with were Smith Barney, the division from CitiGroup Financial. I walked up to them and the three men they had there were huddled up in a bunch talking amongst themselves. When I introduced myself two broke off into their own conversation leaving me to talk to one of them as recruiting could not possibly be as important as talking about this weekends golf game. Sorry SB, I'm not impressed by the effort your team put out there at all. Hopefully this is a problem that they have seen and are in the process of addressing, as it certainly doesn't make them seem more professional to have employees ignoring potential recruits (and maybe even customers if they play their cards right).

So after a couple hours of doing that my amazing wife (she went there with me and talked to me in the long boring lines) and I went to Sams club to pick up some basic necessities. Chicken, ranch, yogurt, and so on.

Speaking of Grocery Stores, there is a Harris Teeter about a quarter kilometer from our apartment. One of the best new things I have seen in ages resides in the entrance there.


I mean, come on, you can rent a movie for a night for $1. Sure that is a whole lot less time than we as Americans are used to. Lets be realisitc though, when you go to the grocery store alot, thats really not out of your way. If you're a day late, they just auto charge you another $1. So far the wifey and I have rented about 7 movies. Thats $7 in movies that would have costed us close to $30 at a traditional brick and mortar movie store. Plus, we don't even have to wait for a day to get it by mail or whatever else. Convenience at its best. On top of that, its a fantastic way for the grocery store to bring their customers back in for more purchases. If you have to go return a movie, you might as well pick up some goodies. A great idea, and I hope that the Return on Investment is great for all companies involved.

Thats it for today!


Blogger Matt Eggar said...

I feel like I have been through a day in the life... I have had this exact same day Justin. It starts with a clear focus, then I get distracted by some strange behavior and a little bit of boredom. Before I know it, I am at home getting ready for dinner and a movie. Thank God that we are married to great women who are patient with the sporadic and often chaotic Eggar Male Mind. Matt

9/13/2006 1:19 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

Hey Matt! Congrats on your new addition. I need to give you a call soon and see whats new.

That career fair wasn't nearly as rough mentally as an interview I had last week. I was interviewing for a manufacturing supervisor postion and the interviews lasted for 4 hours straight. No break, and I made the mistake of not eating breakfast outside a protein shake before I went. Around the end my mind was swimming and I kept thinking "Does I sound as stupid to them as I do to me?". Hopefull thats a no, but we'll see!

We did marry some great ladies didn't we? Jenny makes my life a better place to be every day and without her I could really only imagine dreary days and boredom.

I hope all is going well.. thanks for dropping by! Lets talk soon.

9/13/2006 3:03 PM  

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