Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Communication costs rising...

You want to hear something funny? As much as we are all going on and on about the world flattening, how technology is getting cheaper, and so on... why am I having to pay more than ever to have a decent ability to communicate? I'm not even an uber-tech geek. No internet access from my phone.. no mobile wireless from my laptop, none of that stuff. Yet I am paying close to $200 a month to access the internet. Biggest hitter on the list is Verizon. Yes, we know.. they have the best network in the US. No wonder, they charge more than almost any other network. In my dreams they charge the same price as T-Mobile. Of course, they do offer a better nework outside cities. So lets see what the average consumer can spend easily on communicating in a month:

1. Cell Phones (Family plan from Verizon), $100 a month.
2. Cable (internet + video) $60 a month
3. VOIP (Viatalk) $20 a month

So that is actually $180 a month, or $2,160 a year. 10years ago, how much did the average person spend on communications? Hrmm, probably $40-$50 a month for telephone service and $30 a month for dial-up or thereabouts. So, on the high end we're talking about $80 a month, or $1,200 less than we pay now. Okay okay, I understand that in a way I am comparing apples to oranges. There aren't cell phone charges in there. However, I'd argue that those things were not NECESSARY. Then if you had those things you were cool... today if you don't have those things you're considered abnormal. So today we have a greater ability to communicate than ever before, but it has certainly come at great cost.

At Ampd mobile I can get 500 minutes for $30 a month, and they have quite a few plans. Doesn't sound too bad when you add up all those costs.


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