Sunday, September 10, 2006


I'm really flabbergasted. Do any of you ever see web sites and postings by these conspiracy theorists that sprung up after 9/11?

It is really strange, and to tell you the truth I am just not sure whether to see these people as mentally impaired or delusional. Both Liberals and conservatives have put out information about just how everything has happened, from the social perspectives that caused the terrorists to take the actions that they did to the scientific proof that what happened was really possible.

I have watched step by step rebuffs of those that said that it was a cruise missle (or small plane?) that hit the pentagon... and that was well and good. The guy I just saw on Fox today though took it a step further. To say the US trained some people to take over the planes and crash them is paranoid. To say that the planes that hit the world trade center "never really hit them" is beyond that, it is delusional.

How are these people professors? How are they even over the age of 10? It worries me... not just because of the implications that it has now, but is there something really wrong in the human race? I am trying to find something tangible that would indicate the reason for these people to be insane like this. That is hard to do though. Perhaps watching the Outer Limits has taken its toll.

Alot of other theories come to mind about the origination of people like this... but theres really not much reason to spend more time on it than I already have. Only time will tell just what the long term effects are.


Blogger eggmom said...

Hey son,
I love your blog and read all of them up to today's. It's a perfect way to communicate. I just returned from Awana staff meeting where they presented the Returning Hearts Day at Angola Prison. Wow! There is so much impact to be made in families lives. I am grateful for you and Jenny. You do a wonderful job together. (-:

9/13/2006 1:05 PM  

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