Friday, September 15, 2006

Looking good Microsoft

Have any of you all seen the new MS Zune that is coming out sometime in the near future? Heres a link to it:

Some things that I like about it:
  • Great screen size/shape. 3" LCD, fantastic, I CAN watch a video on the go with this.
  • Decent HD size, 30GB isn't huge, but big enough. A couple movies and alot of songs.
  • Wireless? Oh yes! Plus, there is some nifty software that makes it so that you can transfer music to friends for a limited amount of days/uses.
  • TV connectivity a definite plus.
  • Radio tuner (doesn't help me much as I don't listen to the radio much, but others...)

Alright, well.. what doesn't work for me?

  • Sorry MS, I use my iPod Nano to run... your device has to be 4 1/2" in length and quite wide... it won't be comfortable to jog with.
  • No gaming? I thought you were throwing in some XBox action!
  • Whats the battery life? Stop holding off on that info guys.
  • Everything you send to others is DRMed, even stuff *you create*.

Anyways, more info can be found at:

I think that the Zune will do really well. For one, alot of people are ready to move away from the iPod. They are fun, but Apple has done a good job of not adding as many features as they should have (to keep cost low and profit high no doubt). Unless of course you go out and purchase an add-on piece. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what Zune turns out to be like. Christmas launch date, so there it is.


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