Friday, September 15, 2006

No more food please.

Okay, I'm tired of food. No really. Yes, I'll be saying something different, but for tonight, well, I'm done. After eating healthy all week it was time for a nice pig out meal. Sooo, it was Chinese food (sesame chicken) followed by cookies with ice cream. Now, my stomach is hurting and I am thinking it is a mighty fine time to go lay in the bath and curse the abundance of food in this country.

Abundance to the point of being rediculous. I mean, in how many countries do people have such a huge amount of food (both available and eaten) as we do here? Hardly any.. and most places at least throw a good portion of healthy food in. Here, you can literally walk through a super market and more than half of it is unhealthy. So as I sit here, sore from over eating, I rue the fact that in our society we eat food in the way we do. Lets put down that drum stick and relax a little on the binging. Alright, enough of the rant on food, I'm just as guilty as anybody else. However, I know my cute little wife is going to wake me up in the morning and take me out and run me until I've burned these calories off... and I'm thankful for that. Thanks in advance baby.

You know, its funny. I am a pretty well qualified guy. I have 5 years in the Navy as an enlisted and a B.S. in Business Management. However, I've applied to about 100 jobs on and, and you know who has tried to contact me? Some MLM and commission based sales jobs. Thats all. Certainly nobody that I have applied to. Tell me, is there such a plethora of workers that a guy that has experience and an education can't get a job. There must be! Its pretty strange, but it's actually not such a problem for me. Right now I get some quality time with my wife, and time to study some stuff and do some learning. In a couple of weeks or a month I'm not going to have all the free time to do what I like and spend so much time with Jenny. So I'm actually pretty thankful for it.

By the way... those of you that are thinking about getting a domain name, and really don't want to spend a fortune doing it, MS Office Live will buy you a domain name right now. You have to use their site controls to access it (for Basic, but you can use Frontpage with Essential version), but at least they wil pick up the domain name for you. You have to keep the site with them for two months, and then you can transfer it to another hoster. So, if you go to you will see the site they got for me. In two months I'm going to transfer it to somebody else who allow actual HTML acccess. Just as a heads up, this is all free right now as MS Office Live is in beta. Once thats over there will be charges for the Essential. If any of you know other hosters that are offering great deals please drop a comment so we can pass that on to everyone. Oh yeah, to get to MS Office Live its at:

Also, another FYI of those of you who buy DVDs and usually pay full price. (who does that?) There are quite a few reputable companies on that have a ton of videos for sale that are pre-used (but they are cleaned and polished before being sent to you). You can get many of these for $3-$5. Thats the price of renting a movie for the night, so give it a thought if you really feel like getting a movie. We just got three new movies and they all work flawlessly. Not to guarantee yours if you get if you buy any, but we have had great success with that.

Alright, off to read back to my Six-Sigma book and relax until this pregnancy is over.


Blogger Jenny said...

Haha, you do look a little bit pregnant. I told you I wanted lima beans instead of ice cream, sugar is evil! I'm taking you on a run tomorrow morning.. And I promise I won't lay on your back when you're feeling sick again. Sorry :-X

9/16/2006 12:03 AM  
Anonymous Guess? said...

Unlike Jenny, I don't think you look pregnant, but I do think you look all the wiser and distinguished since I last saw you in Italy some 4 years ago. I just saw an article about six sigma recently. I believe the DOD is about to institute it at the command level. Interesting. Might have to look up the book.
Regards, Bro.

9/17/2006 8:52 AM  

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