Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Telling stories..

Just in case everyone is wondering, I am not going to just leave you with the story that I see in IKEA. Tomorrow (if all my plans work out) I am going to draw a few conclusions from what I see in their business plan and how it is applicable to others. I was considering a SWOT analysis as well, but truth tell, that is merely going to be indicative of what is going on with IKEA and really wont benefit most people. So I'll ignore the impulse.

In the mean time, just for fun, I decided that since I have so much free time right now I am going to put it to some good use. That said, I am going to put together a list of things that I want to accomplish while I am job hunting. Don't laugh, but the first one is to learn HTML. I have been studying over at the W3C, which is the World Wide Web Consortium. You know, the people that set the standards for the languages that dominate the internet. They have some stuff on their site, but another great site is W3 Schools. Why learn HTML? The same reason for learning so many other things. It gives you options.

So one of these days I will put together a list of things I plan to do while I am unemployed and contemplating life as a janitorial service technician. Then you can laugh at me as I scramble to do them and try to get a job.

I'd like to say thanks to Charles from the Multiple Sclerosis blog for dropping by and leaving the excellent comments about Project Management. That is a field of management that I am trying to work into and learn more about, and it is always interesting to talk to somebody that has played the role for some time. Good luck with your blog and podcast Charles!

With that, its off to do a bit of reading and planning for the next couple of days. Thanks for dropping by all.


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